GONZ’ ROAD RANT on the TRUTH Movement (Audio Only)

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from FaceLikeTheSun:

GONZ’ ROAD RANT on the TRUTH Movement (Audio Only) + IMPORTANT FaceLikeTheSun Channel Update!


I was driving around and decided to share some thoughts on the current state of the truth movement as I see it. It’s been an interesting few months, which seems to have been a culmination of a changing landscape of the truth community in the last couple years.

I am highly skeptical of the new movement that seems to push certain truths, but ignoring the biggest, consistent truth of all: The Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Also, my and wife and I are having a baby!!! It’s a GIRL!!! Which means the YT channel is going to slow down. But rest assured, I will continue to publish what I think is important material.

1 Comment

  1. F16hoser

    March 18, 2017 at 8:35 am

    Excellent podcast. Thanx for sharing.

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