Worldwide Demand for Gold (& Silver) Increases, While Markets Ripe For 50% CRASH

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from McAlvany Financial:

Worldwide Demand for Gold Increases as Distracted U.S. buys “Toppy, Trumpy” Stock Market


Mutual Funds down to 3% cash and 97% invested—Signals a possible 50% crash. We talk about A REALY Big Deal for Gold: New Sharia Gold Allowance adds whole new demand dynamic to gold market. We also touch on how the Gold/Silver Ratio is at inflection point – INCREASE SILVER HOLDINGS NOW.

1 Comment

  1. f16hoser

    February 15, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    Wow, Is this “Song and Dance” getting long in the tooth. 21K DOW will arrive long before PM’s break-out of their trading range. TPTB are still in charge and Trump is Powerless against the Banksters.

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