Trump Destroys Fake News In Press Conference (2-16-17)

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from Truth Warriors:

Trump Destroys Fake News In Press Conference (2-16-17)


Donald Trump just ripped the face off the demonic Fake News in an epic press conference! You’ll love this! During the conference he called our news FAKE again and again! He also told how the leakers are going to be punished which ties in with what Stew Webb reported in the video before this one. I watched the demon Shepard Smith on Fox after this conference and he was practically foaming at the mouth with anger over what Trump had just done to his buddies at CNN! I’ve never seen Shepard Smith so angry in my life. I loved this press conference. It’s nice to see a President give these demons what they deserve – absolutely no respect!

Chuck Schumer Going to Jail! — Stew Webb

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