CHAOS: Engineering The Skies — A Strategy For Nefarious Purposes

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from ron johnson:


CHAOS: Engineering The Skies — A Strategy For Nefarious Purposes


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  1. Kayha Shepard

    February 9, 2017 at 10:37 am

    Stun’em with truth.I took a memento to review the STF video.Yes they are dumping millions of pounds of Aluminum and other toxins into the atmosphere.As a result millions of tree’s are dying around the globe.And it just so happens that certain companies have developed,Aluminum resistance tree’s and plant’s that are terminator seeds.Control the food and you control the populations.It took me just a moment to review,Fargo temp and perspiration data.And frankly the gentlemen memory is like Swiss cheese.If Global warming was real,then why all the faked data?If Global warming is real,then why all the ice in the North West passage and Antarctica.I could go on all day,I too remember snow up to my waist and temps far below zero.The reality is,I was 4 feet tall,and my imagination filled in the rest.

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