A Few Dozen Arrests Could Free Humanity

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from Benjamin Fulford,via ufoswlg:

A Few Dozen Arrests May Be All It Takes To Free Humanity


The battle to take down the Khazarian mafia is intensifying and reaching the point where the arrests of just a few dozen ring leaders may be enough to liberate humanity from this Satan worshipping scourge.

Years of forensic research and testimony from multiple intelligence agency sources in Russia, Japan, China, the US, England, France etc. have now zeroed in on key ringleaders of the Khazarian mafia who need to be arrested or executed.

Before naming names though, first of all we need to clearly identify the overall target. That is a sub-set of the so-called Jewish population that is described in the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament or Torah. These are people who worship Satan (Baal, Molech etc.) and practice both human sacrifice and cannibalism. They have thousands of years’ experience in infiltrating societies and taking secret control of the top levels of power through murder, blackmail, bribery and propaganda. The nightmare of their rule is finally ending.
However, make no mistake, these people are extremely dangerous, very smart and now literally fighting for their lives. The reason is they know that when the American people find out these thugs have been torturing and killing their children on an industrial scale, the people will demand justice be served, That’s why the battle taking place now inside the Washington DC power structure is so vicious.

This Satanic faction created ISIS in order to convince Westerners to hate Islam enough to support a military invasion of Iran. The plan was to steal that nation’s oil, consolidate their control of the Middle East, and set up a world government with its headquarters in Jerusalem, the capital of their planned greater Babylon. This faction includes both Satan worshipping Jews and their brainwashed Christian Zionist servants. If this seems far-fetched, then ask yourself why 4000 world leaders from 130 countries are gathering in front of an Arch of Baal to discuss creating a world government?

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  1. Dr. Michael Timlin

    February 20, 2017 at 8:25 pm

    Did Fulford actually just say that Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth are “true Christians”? He has always been a plant for the Rothschilds, but now his particularly inane mixture of truth and falsehood seems unhinged….Likewise, why reference the handiwork of Gordon Duff who made a career of serving those who perpetrate demonic atrocities. There is nothing substantive in his piece. It might as well have been dictated by William Brennan, a genocidal slaver….How can this site rail against pedophilia, and then give credence to these psychopaths ?

    • Chuck

      February 20, 2017 at 10:36 pm

      Yes,as soon as I herd this, red flag went up.The only thing I can think off is that He is using the term true Christian in referring to the effort and accomplishments of the plans and actions of the pope and the queen.As for the pope or the queen being blood bought,born again Jesus loving persons– NOT!

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