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Terror In Berlin & Other NWO Tricks — Ole Dammegard

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from SGTreport.com:

Terror In Berlin & Other NWO Tricks — Ole Dammegard 


Researcher Ole Dammegard returns to SGT report to discuss a few of the latest terror attacks, and he raises some startling questions. Support Ole’s work, visit his website LightOnConspiracies.com to buy books and donate.

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  1. XuscitizenSweden

    January 11, 2017 at 9:07 am

    Excellent Shaun.
    Thank you for ‘callin’ out’ Richie A’s totally irrelevant attack on Ole.
    I’m with you 1000% on this 1.
    ….sending a -neg. comment now to Richie A-.
    btw, Tack så mycket Ole. Må Gud ser över dej och dina närmaste.
    Best regards, X-

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