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Paris False Flag Bataclan Eyewitness Hoax Actor Ginnie Watson

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fromThe Paulstal Service, via Hollands Glorie:

Paris False Flag Bataclan Eyewitness Hoax Actor Ginnie Watson


This is the introduction video into a short series going into the “Bataclan Eyewitnesses” a very strange group of very smiley, people, most of whom are closely connected to Media/ Acting/ Communications who happened to all be interviewed in the aftermath of the “Bataclan attacks”..

Ginnie Watson’s testimony changes from interview to interview, and it’s really no surprise when you find out she’s just an actress.. Funny how most of the people in the Bataclan don’t seem to be from France, and in a later video I will go into how the Dark Knight Rises attacks are a parallel to this one, and how the batman symbol is used in most recent false flags.

I will also go into how a September show of the “Eagles of Death Metal” at the Bataclan was likely used for footage of this event.

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