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Just a few months before its destruction, GAWKER leaked embarrassing information about Hillary and her control of the Main Stream Media (MSM). This was long before Wikileaks began exposing Hillary’s cozy relationship with the MSM. If you aren’t familiar with the website Gawker, it was involved in leaking, exposing, and outing powerful elites, celebrities, and politicians. It became famous for outing Peter Thiel, a billionaire tech tycoon, as a homosexual. The online gossip website posted at least two articles about Hillary Clinton, that her aides were writing articles for Politico’s “Playbook,” which is a blog that tracks the political elites of Washington D.C.; Hillary’s aides were also writing content for the Atlantic, a highly respected magazine with a large circulation. The Atlantic later endorsed Hillary for president, just the third time in history the magazine has taken such a step.

So Gawker caught Hillary commanding the MSM. They carried out her agenda, they obeyed her, and did as they were told. This is what the MSM is all about. They are the “fake news,” putting Hillary’s agenda over reporting facts. Now, the MSM and Hillary are accusing alternative news of being “fake.” Why are they doing this? Because they lost, big time. Not only did they lose the White House, but they also lost their credibility and their reputations. Alternative news has grown very popular; Some larger Youtube alt-media channels are now outpacing major news networks like CNN, MSNBC, and ABC in average viewers.

The MSM and Hillary are calling for alternative media to be censored because of the growth. Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg, and other tech executives have responded accordingly. They all know, the future of media DOES NOT belong to the MSM. The people of Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand ARE SICK of the MSM, telling them to accept George Soros’ migrants, to speak political correctness, to accept open borders and globalism, and that they are “racist” and “kkk members” if they voted or supported Trump. Hillary made assertions that Trump supporters were racist, sexist, and involved with the kkk back in August 2016, at a green screen speech she delivered in Reno, Nevada.

Since, the election, all we’ve heard are talking points pulled directly out of Hillary’s Reno, Nevada speech. Key words like “conspiracy theories” “disturbing” “kkk” “racist” “Steven Bannon” “Alex Jones” “Dog Whistles” “Alt Right” and “Russian Propaganda” have been repeated in the American, Canadian, and European Press so much that it sounds like it came directly from a memo sent by Hillary. This wouldn’t be surprising at all; at least 10 MSM sources were caught producing headlines with the same key words after the Republican Convention concluded in the summer 2016.

The MSM has previously been exposed in numerous Wikileaks as working for Hillary Clinton. One Wikileak showed the Hillary hosted 65 hosts and anchors from almost every MSM network, and another Wikileaks showed that Clinton aides hosted an event for the purpose of “framing HRC and framing the race.” This event occurred just two days before Hillary announced her run for president. The word “framing” seems to suggest that the media was colluding strongly with Hillary’s campaign. Not surprisingly, attendees to this event included Glenn Thrush, George Stephanoplous, and Alex Wagner, all of whom displayed a reporting bias in support of Hillary Clinton.

But Wikileaks WAS NOT the first source to expose Hillary’s cozy relationship with the MSM. Gawker came first, and look at what happened to them!! Certainly, there were other factors in Gawker’s demise, but 2015-2016 was a period of enormous growth for the gossip website. They were averaging 30 million hits per month, and rapidly growing. This makes me wonder, was Gawker’s takedown intentional? While the one allegedly behind the takedown, Peter Thiel, is a Trump supporter, remember that Thiel also sits on the board of Facebook and has been silent as Facebook plans an extraordinary amount of censorship of alleged “fake news,” which is nothing more than an attack on alt-media. Why is Thiel so quiet when it was alt-media who got Donald Trump elected? I am not saying that Hillary was the reason for Gawker’s demise; I am stating that Gawker exposed numerous powerful elites within political, economic, media, and Hollywood circles and that is why, I believe, it was destroyed.

C. Ervana is a alternative media channel focused on conspiracy. Thus, my channel covers an assortment of topics such as politics, Bible Prophecy, transhumanism, RFID technology, the NWO, globalism, etc. Instead of television, I investigate what books have to say about these matters. As I explore truth through literature, I always know that my Anchor and Truth is Jesus Christ. Please believe Him and you can be saved!


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