The WiFi Observation

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from MrCati;

The WiFi Observation


Recent media and alternative buzz involving a noted presidential candidate using a hearing device in her ear during a national prime time debate, is a true and valid observation, that such high tech methods are the deceptive means to deceive the public into seeing and hearing a person speak on issues, not in a natural and honest manner, but in a technological puppet control manner, that is used to deceive the masses regarding what the public see and hear in their so called politicians and media events This current misuse of such technology, is at the core of many groups in govt. deceiving the public by such theatrical means. Since WiFi is a coded element, it is a two syllable word, that when seen along side or combined with the WiFi symbol, reveals the most current ritual code, that emphasizes the future dates of 9-23 and 9-24. WiFi as a NWO technology, is a decade old technology, that is evolving and which clearly shows it is a valid NWO tool and key factor in the ongoing mega ritual. This report shows the ritual code and discusses the findings.

Background Sources and Links:
WiFi History