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The Big Red X – Pole Shift Scenario

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from MrCati:

The Big Red X – Pole Shift Scenario


The recent return of the Big Red X subject, as noted in the Norway 323 dead reindeer observation and the precise and direct X alignment to the recent New Zealand earthquake, is seen as a possible new or adjusted impact point scenario, that creates a gigantic tsunami, that then inundates the planet. While any large object impacting into the ocean could in fact create a tsunami, another method to create a gigantic tsunami, would be if the earth’s North Pole suddenly shifted and relocated to a new location. Such a sudden Pole Shift would in fact also be a valid consideration for a tsunami scenario. Reports that the earth has been tilting more and faster each year in the last decade, makes a Planet X, or Nibiru sized planet a viable and logical factor of influence on planet earth, that could suddenly become the tipping point, for such a sudden Earth Pole Shift scenario.

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  1. john

    September 12, 2016 at 3:02 am

    Better get your armbands.

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