Dollar Ponzi

They Shoot Central Bankers, Don’t They? — Andrew Hoffman

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The Fed meets its maker today
Abysmal Deutschebank earnings
Crashing oil prices
Japan Helicopter Money

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  1. Randy

    August 15, 2016 at 11:05 pm

    Hoffman claims to be a monetary expert, and yet he doesn’t have a single CLUE about what the results of a hyperinflation event will be on an electrical grid?? Even IF Venezuela wasn’t so dependent upon hydroelectric power while being in a long term drought condition like they are today, the hyperinflation that they are going through now would surely kill enough of the income stream off to cripple that industry. If the public ratepayers do not have jobs to make it possible for them to pay their light bills, who will pick up the slack?? If the electric company can’t afford to maintain its power generation level and maintain their infrastructure due to loss of revenue stream, what can they do but cut back on the less critical parts of their grid? The outlying areas will have to go first, and then residential customers, and then businesses and then the whole thing is kaput!!
    Think about it, the power grid workers must get enough pay to buy groceries and other things just like everybody else, right? And those jobs are every bit as dangerous and unforgiving as being a race car driver or an astronaut. They need to pay very well to offset the risk of life and limb.

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