Planned World Depopulation Event on 8.14.16? Georgia Guidestones’ “Judgement Against Mankind”

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from C. Ervana;


This video covers a strange prediction that has been overlooked by many. The Georgia Guidestones might have been pointing to a major false flag, depopulation event, or end of the world scenario on August 14, 2016.

In this video, I read an article from the Daily Crow, which is an online blog. Please understand that this video isn’t meant to establish that a false flag event will absolutely happen on this date. It is, however, meant to decode the possibility that one could happen. The reason is because August 14, 2016 falls on a major date for the Jews, a day of mourning called Tisha B’av, or the 9th of Av. This is a date associated with major difficulties for the Jewish people including the destruction of both Temples, the expulsion from France and Spain, and the entry of Germany into WW1 in 1914. It is also documented that the Bar Kokhba revolt was put down on the 9th of Av, and other Biblical events including golden calf worship was reintroduced to the Hebrews during this time.

The Georgia Guidestones is a notorious site for the NWO. It outlines the “10 Commandments” of the NWO in 8 languages and 4 ancient languages including Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The cube ritual that took place in September 2014 was definitely intentional, meant to convey a code or message. Could it have to do with the number 1 commandment: depopulation to under 500,000,000 people?

If you didn’t know, the Georgia Guidestones is first and foremost an altar for blood sacrifices. There is an actual “blood spot” that is on top of the capstone. But it’s more than this. The Guidestones resemble a horned altar found in the Holy Lands. I find this odd, but you can clearly see capstone serving as the altar, and each of the tablets serving as the “horns.” Ezekiel saw a vision of Elohim’s glory returning to an Earthly Temple. In verse 15, he states that 4 horns project out of the altar. Are the Georgia Guidestones a sick twist of Ezekiel’s vision? The blood on the capstone appears to trail off to one of the vertical tablets.

In archaeology of the hOLY LAND, many altars have been discovered that have four protruding points and a flat plane. These are illustrated in the Bible. While the Guidestones aren’t exact replicas of the horned altars in Israel, you can see that they depict four points. These are vertical and rise upward from each corner. The guidestones also show a flat plane where a sacrifice would be killed. Clearly, this is a bit of an ominous image when we pair it with the guidestones depopulation agenda.

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