Bill & Hillary CLINTON FRAUD: Scamming Americans Out of BILLIONS

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from David Vose;

CLINTONS Release TAX Return – Scammed Americans of BILLIONS


This is so blatantly evil it is horrifying. We are being defrauded before our eyes of the biggest financial, political, diabolical, scheme ever perpetrated on mankind. And then, as if they fear no reprisal at all they intend to illegally place the mafia leader in, as our president, to scam the united States and the entire world of everything left. We must see now that the polls are totally being used to destroy us, there is no way for the average American. or any one else, to actually know if these polls are accurate. We can take our own polls though, anywhere in the USA and see she is hated by 90 percent of the population. Even the Minorities do not like her, but the Media constantly tell us she is winning. Then when she wins the election, they say.. see, she was ahead, we told you. And because you believe the polls you assume she actually must have won and we give up. They parade all over Fox News how hated she is, but then they assert there, that the LEFT love her. There is NO LEFT or RIGHT, they made it up. We are all Americans, black or white we all want our country back. It is all lies and the FBI isn’t going to do anything. Unless, unless we demand it. Please friends contact your state attorney generals and senators now.