Tragedy & Hope 4: Rothschilds, FDR & the Liberal Imperium

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from Jay D:

Jay Dyer on Tragedy & Hope 4: Rothschilds, Central Banks, FDR & the Liberal Imperium


This is the first free half of a 2 hour talk which can be obtained by subscribing to JaysAnalysis for 4.95 a month or 60.00 a year at the PayPal links. Picking up where we left off in part 3, we look at Quigley’s analysis of Germany prior to World War II and the rise of Nazism, the situation in France with the dominance of the Catholic, Protestant and Jewish banking houses, and how Rothschild came out on top. We also look at how all three of these colluded to establish a fake front known as the Bank of France at the behest of their agent, Napoleon. Revolutions lead to consolidation and the establishment of a central bank, where the “Great Leader” hands the nation’s assets and future capital over to the bankers. Sound familiar? You’re correct – FDR does the same thing, as Quigley explains. From there we look at the sections where Quigley details the third way convergence and the coming technocratic global state and how the revolutions, from Protestantism to Darwinism, prepared the way for the Liberal Imperium.