Never Surrender Your Rights

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from William Mount:

VIDEO:  On this “Independence” Day, remembeer: Never, EVER Surrender Your Rights


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  1. right&left

    July 5, 2016 at 9:31 am

    Whenever a Thinker is “materialised”, he had been “owned”/controlled/blackmailed/seduced by Fame, Fortune & Immortality. This is because there is a Spiritual Realm which is the super, super, ad infinitum, set of The Material Realm but is otherwise invisible/BEYOND said materialised Thinkers. Therefore, whenever a Thinker is within his State of Relativity/Relativism, he is actually enlsaved/guided by Thought to imagine that he has “Freedom of Choice” when he actually has none. This is because Choice is The Moment when Freedom disappears. As such, whenever there is “Choice”, there is NO Freedom because the duty of Choice within The Realm of Pro vs Con is to enslave. Even this Simplicity Eludes and will continue to elude until “The End”.

    Be conscious and be aware that Absolute Aspects like Truth, Freedom, Justice, Love, and so forth are Absolutes and are never, ever, real/possible when they are merely Pro-vs-Con/”Relatives”. For example, when The Judiciary, “The-Bench”, and Law-Enforcement depend on Inconsistent Behaviour to be Somewhat Real, other than claiming/self-certifying that they are Absolutes, where is Absolute Judgement in Reality? Really? How about allowing me to sell you a piece of The Sun. A most profitable investment, guaranteed – should one live to the ripe ole age of 40-gazilion.

    When self had ZERO Rights to beginning with, why are people yakity-yakking on about Freedom, Rights, and so forth? Because doing so offer them a sense of responsibility. Be conscious and be aware then, that Being Somewhat Responsible is a mantra of Malevolence. You know, that of, “Gambling Responsibly”, self-Poisoning Responsibly”, “Inhaling Smoke Responsibly””Entertaining/Chemicalising-Drugging Responsibly”, “Shopping Responsibly”, and other Great Resonsibilities Thinkers indugle-into. Hey TD&H, “Elekshion” is a-comin’. Therefore remember to “Vote Responsibly” !! ‘Im or ‘Er. Decisions indeed. How did humans because this “Stupid”/Egotistical-“Dumb”/Conditioned? For The Indecisive, neither is The Reality but “You Must Be Responsible”. Sez Malevolence, aka Thought.

    When “Witnessing” Wickedness-in-Progress, the first automatic response of The Vast Majority of Thinkers is to unleash their “Responsibility”. That of “Shouting From The Rooftop” that Wickedness is in Progress. Be conscious and be aware that the DNA of A Thief is to steal. As such, the joker is going nowhere but waiting to steal again. OTOH, those who have “some wickedness within”, never, ever, reveal their true nature. Just like Control Freaks whose constant and irrational urge is to Expect-Demand Perfection from Others but never, ever, Perfection within themselves [in fact, never at-all], said Control Freaks being Abandoned Nutters in reality. And these jokers have the right to control others? Afterall, Control Freaks are The Thirsty whose thirst is quenched by Another drinking on their behalf. Should it elude CF-AN, Thirst is ONLY quenchable by self Drinking FIRST much like The Wickedness within self is ONLY addressable by self neutralising and dissipating said Wickedness within.

    Hey Joe, are you advocating that “they” should Get Away With Murder”? Not really, but how about the very many “murders” that self have had gotten away with thus far? You know, the “Index-Linking of Remuneration”, living in a “nice”/”gated” neighbourhood as the result of one’s very-own proxied Wickedness plundering Others Over Thar, etc? Perhaps it is worthwhile to remember that when The Legacy is Genocide, Slavery & Plunder, ANY other means of obfuscating Guilt-Anger will ONLY ensure that The Progeny will ALSO be Of Genocide, Slavery [regardless of the “colouration”] & Plunder. Therefore Witness & Realise that the ONLY way to neutralising and dissipating Guilt-Anger is to face the jokers and not repeat Them. It is impossible to address Guilt with either Guilt or Anger because Anger-Guilt are merely The 2 Faces of The Same Coin when Thought/Malevolence are the rationale for Existence.

    Guilt, which is actually Immorality, and Its Latency/Other-Face-of-The-Same-Coin, Anger, which is actually Moralising, are never, ever, going to be neutralised and dissipated whenever Guilt-Anger is running amok trying to justify This, That The Other. This is what feeling Guilty-Angry is atoning-for. That of keeping The Jokers live, well, and imagining that Guilt-Anger will be dissipated by “Doing-Something/Being-Responsible About Them”.

    When self is able to witness Wickedness-in-Progress, the first reality is to introspect/examine the Wickedness in self [unless self is Perfect to begin with, of course]. Those who are able to Change from Selfishness to Selflessness. As for those who will never, ever, Change, leave them alone. There are enough of them to enable The Human Universe to unleash The Responsible Feeling, and satify their master, Malevolence, hee-hee, haw-haw.

    Be conscious and be aware that Greed-Fear is the underlying driver of The Universe of Thinkers/”Relativity”/”Relativism”/The-Pro-vs-Con. When Greed-Fear is able to masquerade as Count de Money, there is only Fear-Greed, or Counting de Money, in The End. Should Spirituality exists and said Spirituality is actually Benevolence [and NOT merely Of Benevolence], aka The Energy Creator, He has ONLY one duty and that is to ensure that Truth becomes Bliss via those Cosmic Dust who are able to Evolve into those Humans who are able to Express Truth as Bliss.

    As for those who imagine that there is such thing as “Rights” within the realm of the Pro vs Con, they may “Never Surrender Their Rights”, but all they will receive in return is more of their “Never Surrender Your Rights” cyclical-activities. This is because, to the individual Thinker, they are unable to realise [other than merely imagining/Mutually-Back-Patting], that by chanting, “Never Surrender Your Rights”, somehow but don’t know how, Eet Vill Happen. Ja? Eet Von’t Fritz, Shalom, Tony, Nancy, or whatever you happened to call self. Not even after The End – should that be possible.

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