Breakaway Civilization


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from DarkJournalist;

VIDEO: Deep State Transhumanist Endgame in 2016 Political Race
In this special part 1 of 2 episodes, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Former US Assistant Housing Secretary, Financial Expert and Publisher of the Solari Report Catherine Austin Fitts.

Catherine’s deep analysis of the socio-political forces working under the radar in 2016 shows that unnerving trends like the engineered rise of autism, GMO proliferation, the expansion of Entrainment Technology, the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and the dumbing down of American students with Common Core are all in place to drive a massive Transhumanist Depopulation Agenda!

She sees a clash of political forces in the 2016 presidential election ultimately being pawns in a game run by Deep State forces that are committed to putting a friendly face on totalitarian policies. By electing corrupt establishment democrat Clinton to fulfill a number of initiatives under the facade of social equality and female empowerment with the rhetoric of the ‘soft revolution.’

On the other side of the coin she sees the Trump phenomena and his role as outsider as a strange contrast to his lifelong insider deal-making and status as a top member of the one percent elite. Together they consider the possibility that he developed his own rogue agenda of exposing issues like Common Core and the Transnational Corporate agenda and to revealing the secets of the American establishment in the public domain as part of his plan. At this point he is raising the ire of the establishment by upsetting the insiders that helped his rise in the polls.

The main question that Catherine explores in this special interview is: ‘What is the Endgame?’ Her answer is as unsettling as it is informative. We’re in for a wild ride with this exciting, unexpurgated and shocking Dark Journalist part 1 episode!