Spiritual Warfare


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from alstoq:

VIDEO: HD version of the outside ceremony and Christian viewpoint of a clearly satanic ceremony celebrating Satan coming to earth through a portal. World’s longest tunnel in Switzerland through the alps is opened with a radically satanic ceremony. (Gatthard massif / Gotthard base tunnel)

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  1. chosened-awakened

    June 12, 2016 at 11:28 pm

    Thought/Thinking is how a human is “Relativised”/”Devolved”. This is because whenever a Thinker is able to stop Thinking, he is able to Evolve, aka Being Blissful, Evolution being the process when Cosmic Dust becomes Human and is able to express Energy-Creativity/Divinity.

    Complexity is like a Living Cell dividing, the process of which is BEYOND the capacity-capability of Human Thought – other than being Simplicity too. The joke then is when Asses aspiring to Donkeyhood are able to manipulate The Living process via “Stemcell Research” and so forth, and declaring that they are, somehow but don’t know how, “Creators”, much like EVERY budding Medic being able to realise that Cellular Division is BEYOND but when The Vast Majority of those Budding Medics turn “Professional”, they, somehow but don’t know how, become Quacks.

    For the benefit of The Unwary of Thought, when The Energy Creator becomes Egotistical, the moment when The Ego is Real/Absolute, He Creates Energy, whereas when those lacking Energy-Creativity transforms some Energy, they might claim Creativity-of-Sorts but what is actually happening is that they, to the individual [Ass or whatever], become Egotistical. As such, the more The Thoughful Human “activates”, the more egotistical he becomes. Witness & Realise because this is an Imanent Principle which NO Energy-Transformer is able to elude. Yes, Egomaniac come to The Minds with The Icing-on-The-Cake being that Human Intelligence, which is NOT Absolute Intelligence, LACKS Conscience. Even this Simplicity Eludes, Human Intelligence being the ability to Analyse, Plot & Plan and little else.That of “Futurising Thought” whereas Real Intelligence is when Thought is merely The Realisation – that of being able to Realise without Thinking/Premeditation-of-Thought.

    As such, a simple Rule of Thumb is that Thought is detrimental to EVERY Human’s Evolution. Another essential Rule of thumb is that ANYTHING which Divides is malevolent. Always has been and Always will be. ANYTHING which Divides because another name for Wickedness is Division.

    Whenever a human is able to witness Wickedness-in-Progress, he is automatically driven to Finger-Point, aka “Anger”. The joke then is that “Anger’s” Other Face of the Same Coin is “Guilt”. As ALL know with few realising so, there is no such thing as Antidoting Poison with Poison. The duty of Malevolence being to replicate, whenever A Thinker is made to be “Angry”, he had been “owned”-by- Malevolence/made-malevolent, there being no such thing as Antidoting Poison with Poison. That, somehow but don’t know how, there is Truth/Benevolence within Untruth/Malevolence.

    Whenever “Satanic Rituals” are being expressed, “Turn the Other Way”. Or as The English are fond of saying, “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”. Be conscious and be aware that The Other Face of Ritualism is Licentiousness. These “Satanic Rituals” are satanic for a reason. To trap the unwary via Knowledge & Knowledging. That of being owned by Ownership Issue.

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