Brexit Vote Result Shock – Britain Votes To Leave The EU – Global Markets Crash

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from Michael and Meranda Snyder:


Brexit Vote Result Shock – Britain Votes To Leave The EU – Global Markets Crash

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  1. cloudy

    June 24, 2016 at 4:22 am

    Whether BrExit is fixed or not is NOT the point/reality other than the reality being that there is NO such thing as Truth within UnTruth.

    Reality seeks to Inform Absolutely [should the aspirant be “Informable”] whereas Relativity seeks to Judge by separating Reality into a “Pro”/”Past”/Over & a “Con”/”Future”/Under such that the potential difference between “The Relatives” will result in an Activity of Frivolity & Nonsense. That of Sense being “exchanged” for Nonsense in order to Distract/”Devolve” the Distractable/Devolvable. Namely those who are Egotiscial/”Stupid”-Conditioned/”Dumb” and who are being controlled by their Thought into believing that their Blind-Blindedness is Of Visionary Prowess when said Blind-Blindedness is merely to Judge from either The-Past/”Gross-Femininity”/”Depression” or The-Future/”Gross-Masculinity”/”Aggression”, said Past & Future being Of The Absolutely Dead, The-Present being Of The Absolutely Living.

    For the benefit of The Unwary of Thought, whenever there is “choice”/”freedom”/Pro-vs-Con, there is then NO Truth. For example, this idea of Democracy & Freedom means even The Stupid-Dumb has a “Choice”/”Vote” when the reality is that The Uninformed are used to Dilute/”Water-Down” The Truth and little else. For Democracy to be Real/Absolute, the democrats must be Absolutely, and not Relatively, informed.

    When The Who*e Propaganda, aka The Oral Gynasium, is All Things To All Men, that of being The-Shades-of-Grey/”Gossip”/The-Multiplicity-of-Choices, then Truth has no real voice other than The Scattering of Thought/”Choices” running amok, distracting The Attention of The Indecisive/Uninformed. Hence the rush of Mumbo-Jumbo from All Things To All Men who are usually The Politikos/”Trust-Me”/”Open-Widerrr”, hee-hee, haw-haw. Like the example Denis Healy gave about Magaret Thatcher replying to Reagan when the latter asked the former “To Jump”, with Thatcher replying “How High?” When Opposites like Healy and Osbourne are “meshing”, you know a fix is under way, hee-hee, haw-haw. Yes, and they ALL sincerely believe in their “Committment”.

    As such, Benevolence seeks To Inform [The Informable] via The-Present, whereas Malevolence seeks To Judge from the platforms of The-Past and/or The-Future [by fixing-up Past-vs-Future]. Whenever a Thinker is “Worshipful”/Conditioned, he is merely looking to “engage”/mesh-with “Saviourship”/Egotism [and vice-versa]. For that to happen, Reality needs to be “separated”/made-hierachical thereby creating a [potential] difference between Opposites/Polarities with the joke then being that said Polarities are Tethered. Those who are merely The 2 Faces of The Same Coin.

    For the benefit/”awakening” of The Mesmerised of Thought, the duty of a Thief is to steal. This means that when self be able to see Theft-in-Progress, that is NOT the moment for running amok yelling “Thief, Thief”, but rather being the moment to be awakened to the thievery within self. That of one’s Greed-Fear, there being NO such thing as Greed without Its Fear [and vice-versa]. This is because Humans need a Drama to Awaken with The Vast Majority reverting to their slumbers after the passing of said Drama.

    As such, when the “first instinct” is to “judge” said Thief, “The Thievery Within” will NEVER “See The Light of Day”. That of Judging from “The Dead” instead of Witnessing & Realising from “The Living”..

    Faith MUST BE rewarded should The Belief-System be based on Reality and not on Imagination/”Relativity”/”Religion&Religiosity”/”Wishing, Hoping & Praying”. That of Tangibility. The Most Damaging aspect of The Blind-Blinded towards Divinity is for them to keep performing the same act but hoping for a different outcome. That of Insanity. Afterall, if The Divine is Real, He will have a way of rewarding one’s Faith – unless Hypocrites are shedding Crocodile Tears and calling that Faith.

    Reality is when What You Do is Who You Are whereas Relativity is when What You Do is merely for befooling The Worshipful into believing that is Who You Are. ALL know this with few realsing so when The Moment of Decision arrives. Time & Time Again, such is the constant and irrational desire for Relativism, aka Shopping, Entertaining, Gossiping, etc., by The Vast Majority.

    “BrExit”? NOT when one’s Real Master is Malevolence Himself ALWAYS masquerading as Benevolence. NOT when there is NO such thing as Truth within Untruth, the main problem facing Thinkers/”Humans” is having The Absolute Ability to discern between Benevolence and Malevolence.

    Benevolence is innately provisioned within ALL which is why Malevolence/”The-Outsider” needs to always Duck N Dive and masquerade as Benevolence. This is because Darkness is merely The State/Myth when Light is Absent. Afterall, yesterday’s meal is merely Of Myth. Who said so? The Fecal Matter says so. A Simplicity which Eludes and will continue to elude as long as self is unable to realise how self is absolutely constructed.

    For the benefit of The Know Eet All, aka those who are Good for Everything Relative but are otherwise Good for Nothing Real, Reality/Divinity is NOT about being able to differentiate between Right or Wrong, Reality is being able to Absolutely Discern between Benevolence and Malevolence. That of Absolute Vision instead of self-certifying as being Of Visionary Prowess. This is why the first gift of The Divine is that of Absolute-Vision via ”Thoughtless-Awareness”. Without this fundamental ability, Nothing is Real. In a state of Relativism/Blind-Blindedness, Relativity/”Thought” will be able to masquerade as Reality.

    OTOH, Malevolence insists that Judgement/”Thought” is the means to Reality. But NOT when Thought is either The Overly or The Underly Conscienced. That of having Too Much Conscience [like Airy-Fairies, Goody-2-Shoes and The Righting of This, That & The Other of “Socialism”/”Communism”] or Too Little Conscience [like those who Analyse, Plot & Plan]. Witness and therefore Realise what has “Science” offered Humanity when Humans are unable to discern between Reality & Relativity. How about Comforts/Abandonments like “self-Driving Cars”, “Colonising Mars”, “Water in The Universe” and The Blame Game where EVERYTHING under The Sun is reponsible for one’s ill-health. Not when Quackery & Handler is actually reponsible The Afflictions of Humanity but receiving Tributes of FF&I from The Vast Majority of The Blind-Blinded.

    Like it or not, this mode of being Blinded by Thought will continue right until Energy Construction arrives as Energy Destruction to sort out those who are Good for Nothing Real. If True, and It Is The Truth, those who are able To Change/”Witness & Realise” need to Change from Selfishness to Selflessness. By becoming An Example for enlightening those who need An Example in order To Change.

    Again, for the benefit of The Blind-Blinded, Frivolity & Nonsense like “Leadership”, is meaningless. Afterall, name one “leader” who is Of Benevolence. It will be very difficult [if not impossible] because The Thinker’s/Material-Judgement’s existence predicate on Greed-Fear. That of being Blind to Reality. That of Something for Nothing. In this state of Relativism, Malevolence, via Thought, would like to guide The Blind via Blindness, a mantra of “The Father Who is The Devil” [TFWiTD] being, “An Eye for An Eye Ought to make All See Better”, hee-hee, haw-haw. No wonder to The Blind-Blinded, Malevolence is so seductively wonderful, The Facades/Cultures of Malevolence being Fame, Fortune & Immortality [FF&I], said FF&I being The State when Greed-Fear is able to masquerade as Count de Money. This is malevolent if only because when The Beginning is about Greed-Fear, The Ending will be Of Fear-Greed. That of Count de Money, Counting His Money, hee-hee, haw-haw.

    No wonder when The EU is merely the Graveyard for Failed Politicians, having This, That & The Other free easily seduces/compromises/blackmails the seduce-able/compromise-able/blackmail-able. Most at The Helm of The Affairs of Men merely looked human. Witness & Realise, therefore how these gangsters work. Exactly like some Gangster Bigge Boss, another favourite mantra of TFWiTD being, “Ve Vill NOT Take NO fur zer Answer”. You know, just to rile–up The Distractable/Mesmerised – to show who is Boss, hee-hee, haw-haw.

    There is No such a thing as BrExit other than being mesmerised and calling that The Awakening. Whether the Turnkey Casino Operation called “The Markets” go Up or Down is not the point because that is what “Markets” do. To Whipsaw in order that said Casino/Gambling-Joint remains viable to the Indecisive of Greed-Fear. What is Real is when Malevolence is forced to show His “Cards”. For that to be viable, self needs to be “Awakened”/Thoughtlessly-Aware, like it, believe it, realise it, or not.

    There are 2 miracles to Life.

    The first is that we will ALL “Die” one fine day and yet, most are absolved from having to remember this “deadly” event with some going as far as acting as if they will, somehow but don’t know how, “Not Die”, hee-hee, haw-haw. Bankers might go a-flying without “parachutes”, thereby ending It All, but when Regret is part of Reality, said Regret becomes one Of Devolution.

    The 2nd miracle is that The Divine surrounds ALL as “Nature” but with few realising so other than The Vast Majority trivialising The Divine by calling Him “Nature – with some, the so-called “Scientists”, aka The Underly Conscienced of Egotism, going as far as calling Manipulating Life, “Creating Life”. Yes, hee-hee, haw-haw indeed, The Facades/Cultures of Malevolence being those of Fame, Fortune & Immortality.

    “After Death” is The Moment when self is able to Witness & Realise that The Energy Creator not only exists but that it is He, via She [at the Human Interface], who truly Creates Energy/”Life”. The Moment when “Death” is Regret, said Regret being when one’s Addiction to self-Damage is witness-able & realise-able but is otherwise unable to be countered/redressed/neutralised. More so when Regret is actually Infinite Regret, there being many who will not mind being born under ANY circumstance but are otherwise denied so if only because their Savings At The Bank of Divinity is negative, there being many who have had “Borrowed Heavily” from their Bank of Divinity.

    For The Egotistical-Conditioned, be conscious and be aware that one might be A Strange Bedfellow with one’s Material Banker and is therefore able to “Borrow Heavily” from The Kreature but such a malevolent practice is not availabe/real within The Spiritual. Such is Tough Luck for those acustomed to “Borrowing Heavily”, Comfort being another name for Abandonment, Socialism, Communism, Licentiousness, and so forth. That which is merely Something for Nothing, a mantra ALL Gamblers chant when Tossing The Dice. That which Devolves but is otherwise called by Malevolence/Thought as “Being Responsilbe” – like “self-Poisoning Responsibly”, hee-hee, haw-haw, the other names for Malevolence being Subtlety & Cunning, before becoming Barefaced & Klevar.

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