Agenda 21


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from grindall61:


The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) is a giant unelected regional board that makes policy for the 6 county region of Southern California. Those counties include LA, Riverside, OC, San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial. Every 4 years SCAG does their regional transportation plan. (RTP). In this most recent cycle, SCAG representatives have been openly saying that the plan is going to cost half a trillion dollars.

Randall Lewis is the development mogul of the Inland Empire. (San Bernardino County.) He essentially owns a bunch of cities in the area.

Due to SCAG and their RTP cities are following sustainable communities strategy. Sustainable communities strategy is the radical belief that all cities must be redesigned so that people do not drive anymore and get around using bikes, buses, trains, or walking.

The free market is not dictating that people want to stop driving cars and live in small apartments. This is a top down ideology that is coming straight from the government.

The moral of the story: The cities that are submitting to SCAG are only accepting plans that get us out of cars and into high density apartments.

Randall Lewis has a seat on SCAG as an advisor which is about the biggest conflict you can have. He has bought off numerous city councils and as a result gets his projects approved.