PRE-PLANNED TSUNAMI Will Hit NYC – Obama/Queen Elizabeth II Joke About Nuking U.S.

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from C. Ervana:

VIDEO: Please WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO because I address several points in it, ending with a clip of Obama, Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Harry joking about dropping a Nuclear Bomb on the United States. I don’t offer a commentary about this, but there are several clues contained in the commercial: they are referring to a nuclear warhead dropped on the U.S. Could this also accompany the tsunami that was alluded to back in the fall of 2015 by Vladimir Zhirinovsky of Russia?

Part of this video covers a previous video I did last fall about Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s comment about nuking Istanbul Turkey and causing a tsunami to hit the city. In this video I speculated that he was making a veiled threat to New York City as a part of predictive programming. Is a nuclear bomb and tsunami planned for New York City?

On April 24, a buoy went into event mode about 200 miles off the East coast. It simulated a 108 foot rise in sea level. At first, many meteorologists reported that a meteor hit the ocean, but changed their stories after the government confirmed the buoy was undergoing maintenance. This was the only buoy that was put into “event mode,” simulating the exact event of a tsunami.

Finally, the arch of triumph is heading to New York City very soon. It allegedly will travel to Dubai before it heads to New York City. I recently read a book about the Masonic Royal Arch and realized how many similarities can be drawn between the royal arch and the Triumphal Arch. According to “Freemason’s Book of the Royal Arch,” the completed royal arch is a symbol of the rainbow, and the rainbow is known as the “Triumphal Arch.” However, this arch is not completed. It’s missing it’s keystone, which is a piece found at the top of the arch. According to the book, an arch that is missing its keystone cannot stand and will come down. This makes me very concerned that they are erecting this arch in New York as a ritual signifying that they will destroy the city.

If the statue of Prometheus at Chernobyl is any indication of their plan, then we should be very concerned about New York City, because there is a large statue of Prometheus at Rockefeller Plaza…

There is no reason for believers in Yeshua to fear.