EXITUS ACTA PROBAT: The Outcome Justifies The Deed [PARTS 1 – 5]

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from theJonathanKleck:


THE DEED: Eve & Adam + Serpent = Cain

PARTS 1 – 5

by SGT:

WARNING: You’re probably not going to like this. It’s very dark and disturbing. But then again, so are the plans of the world’s Satanic elite. The agenda of the Rockefeller-Rothschild NWO cabal is playing out for all to see. We know that 9/11 was a contrived false flag event. We know the elite worship the Beast. We know they want to bring the one they serve out into full public view. Their Satanic agenda is no longer hidden, it’s on display for anyone with the eyes to see and the ears to hear. In his latest detailed analysis, Jonathan Kleck brings us up to speed on a dark agenda that goes back long before the twin towers were ever built – in fact, it goes all the way back to the Garden. The Luciferian doctrine unveiled.

(1) EXITUS ACTA PROBAT – The outcome justifies the deed. Satan impregnated Eve with Cain (KAIN) and she ALSO bare his TWIN Abel (HABEL) [from Adam]. GENESIS 4:1 “And Adam knew Hava his wife, who had desired the Angel; and she conceived, and bare Kain; and she said, I have acquired a man, the Angel of the Lord. And she added to bear from her husband Adam his twin, even Habel (ABEL).”


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:


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