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The Strange ‘Coincidence’ of PRINCE’s Sudden Death & Blood Sacrifices to Ba’al

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from C. Ervana:

Strange Details Behind PRINCE’s Death & Blood Sacrifice to Ba’al

VIDEO: Please note: I do not make any money off of my channel in any way. An ad was placed by RT on this video because I used a clip from RT Ruptly. This video is not profiting from Prince’s death. I believe that is very wrong. The video is meant to discuss the parallels of Prince’s death on the third day that the arch of triumph was erected in London (April-19-April 21).

The arch of triumph was introduced in London on April 19th (Prince died 1 day before Passover starts). The first night, it was lit up in blood red color. Simultaneously, the Empire State Building was also lit up in blood red color to “celebrate Donald Trump’s New York Primary Victory” or so they claimed. Remember, last August the Empire State had a giant image of Kali, the dark mother, beamed onto the side of it.

Prince’s death takes place on the third day that the arch of triumph stands in London. There is another prince that is coming into the world, and his beast will receive a deadly head wound, but will come back from the dead. I believe the principalities used Prince to mock the passover of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, who is the passover lamb. They did this as a blood sacrifice.

Blood sacrifices to Baal are not new and have been done for years. Hollywood worships Baal and many celebrities sell their souls to him for fame and fortune. Unfortunately, once the careers of these individuals is over, as it was for Prince, they are sacrificed. This is a part of selling your soul.

NOTE: My name is C. Ervana and I am a professor of science at a college. In my free time I research unusual facts about secret societies. I have read thousands of pages of research on secret societies. While most people spend time trying to find the Illuminati in the music industry, movies, and Hollywood, I believe that some of the most valuable information resides inside books. Please subscribe so that you can receive updates, as I post regular videos.

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  1. Michael

    April 22, 2016 at 8:33 pm

    It is a little creepy that they had the image of the god at the unveiling of the arch in London. They were very quick to replace it. The god being present really made it seem like a ritual dedication of some sort.

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