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from Temet Nosce Ousia Nosce:

VIDEO: In these times, we’ve all come to accept that our e-mails, telephone calls and financial transactions can be monitored and tracked, but do we really know how much of our lives are actually being observed and recorded and by whom?

We are Ruled by Oligarchy via Kakistocracy with Technocracy……….Its All Con-ologie………

SHADOW GOVERNMENT provides up-to-the minute analysis of the ever changing technological landscape and new evidence that an ultra-secret global elite controls technology, finance, international law, world trade, political power and vast military capabilities.

Cloud Ten Pictures is pleased to present SHADOW GOVERNMENT, based on the book by prophecy expert Grant Jeffrey. Leading researchers, authors, and minds like Grant Jeffrey, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Edward G. Griffin, Daniel Estulin, Gary Kah, Chuck Missler, Joan Veon, Brad O’Leary and many others take you through the incredible and hidden world of Surveillance, Rights and Freedoms, Global Government and Bible Prophecy. SHADOW GOVERNMENT will be available in November 2009. For more info please visit www.cloudtenpictures.com or www.shadowgovernment-movie.com……….­……



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