Ray McGovern – The Real Agenda of the American Empire

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from PeoplePowerTelevision:

VIDEO: Ray McGovern is a former CIA Analyst who worked for the Agency for 27 years, spanning the terms of seven presidencies. As an analyst on foreign policy, McGovern was in charge of the daily briefings for senior White House officials.

One word of caution:

As it pertains to the 9/11 false flag, Ray is a courageous truth teller,  but he never mentions the 5 dancing Israelis the 60+ Mossad agents arrested and held for over 6 weeks, All released no charges and zero media coverage. They said they come from a land Israel that suffers from daily acts of terrorism and were their simply to document the Event. Document the event. These Mossad agents had a job to do. That Job was to ” Document the event ” meaning they had prior knowledge of something going down. And taking a look at this Terrorist act this would have had to be planned and require Thousands of Man hours and Thousands of agents. I dare say each wore sworn to secrecy, penalty for breaking oath = Death. 9-11 changed not just America but the Globe. Paranoid society. In today’s society telling the truth is revolutionary ACT!


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