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Is Walmart Preparing For The Dollar Collapse, And Colluding With the GOV’T?

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from Godrules:


VIDEO: 2015 – Five stores mysteriously closed. They claimed it was for plumbing issues, though many videos cropped up on YouTube pointing to sinister reasons

* (revealing of underground tunnels to and from various Walmart locations, odd military type fencing and towers at some locations).

2016 – Some 260 Walmart stores around the world are being closed this year! 154 of them in the USA.

* Interestingly 10% of Brazil’s Walmart stores have been closed in the midst of a huge economic resession turning into a depression, with police state already being implemented.

On top of these 154 stores being closed in the USA, there are even more which were closed for odd reasons.

Google Maps accientally released a map showing every Walmart in North Arkansas being closed. Very odd error seeing it was only Walmart shown to be closed.…

We know Walmart can be converted into a Detention Center or prison, based on a Montana Walmart being converted into a Government-Run Prison.…

In 2015 and 2016 many people have seen a lot of security around these closed Walmart Stores. FBI and Homeland Security vehicles and tanks were seen around these “closed” Walmarts.

Millions of products removed from these Walmarts, and some of them appear to have been converted into Detention Centers, with one in particular that is now a prison.

Walmart is working with the Department of Homeland Security and could be a Detention Center hub sometime in the future.

Walmart is also a lead innovator in RFID technology

They have installed many of these Solo Health machines into Walmart, with the capability of scanning RFID implants.

Walmart has been using RFID technology since the early 2000’s working with the Department of the Defense.

The VIDEO that WALMART DOESN’T Want You To See!! Future RFID Chipping Hubs……

What Does Walmart Know That We Don’t? The Truth Behind Their Closing and How DHS May Be Involved! This Inside Info Might Be the Key……

Old Walmart In Montana to Be Used As A Government-Run Prison…

DOD Invloved With Human Domain Jade Helm Tanks At Walmart Trains Derailed Hit With Projectile…

WTF Is happening in Walmart?(2015)…

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