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Hollywood Continues To Blatantly Push The Luciferian Grand Plan

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Hollywood is Promoting the Son of Perdition

by SGT,  The Phaser & R$E:

VIDEO: Exposed: New Damien (2016) movie and the Mark of the Beast.

Exposed: New Damien (2016) TV show and the Mark of the Beast.

It is now painfully obvious that Hollywood is pushing the Illuminati Satanic anti-Christ agenda with mainstream television shows like Fox’s Lucifer and A & E’s Damien. And if you think it’s merely “entertainment”, never forget, there is a reason they call it television “programming”. They are preparing the hearts and minds of an unsuspecting public to accept their Luciferian New World Order agenda… even under the guise of “humor” as seen on Cartoon Network with the “adult swim”show Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell, a “live-action comedy” about about Gary, an associate demon, who attempts to capture souls on earth in order to climb the corporate ladder of the underworld.

“This is about opening the portals, opening the gates for the demonic spirits to come through,” notes You Tuber Round SatrunsEye.

And for those who need more proof of the mainstream plan to blatantly push the Luciferian agenda all over the world, look no further than this monstrously horrible and demonic “fashion show” that just took place in China where Designer Hu Sheguang dressed models head to toe in red PVC, fake bloody babies and giant devil horns, which The Daily Mail aptly described as “the stuff of nightmares”.

It seems this demonic imagery is everywhere these days, and it’s no longer being hidden.  Are we nearing the final days and a world that’s ready to worship the Beast? That’s clearly what the rulers of this world want as they push us faster and faster toward Godlessness, transhumanism and a cashless society.

And as Round SaturnsEye reminds us, “If you take the mark of the Beast, it’s a one way ticket to Hell.”



2016: Signs of the Anti-Christ


  1. Tommy

    October 14, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    Hollywood’s directorship have obviously begun a large increase in such movies and ‘programs’ that are pushing the Luciferian doctrine and its new age sycophantic legions. It started some time back and is becoming bold in its expression. But it was expected from what all the recognized protagonists have written throughout the years.We are moving into a very dark age; which is ironic since they believe we are moving toward their light giver’s ‘enlightenment’. How strange are the parallels to Biblical warnings. It is heartening to know I do not stand alone.

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