Embracing The Warrior in a Culture of Victimhood — David Whitehead

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from Red Ice Radio:

VIDEO: David Whitehead is a full time Martial Arts instructor and entrepreneur, a coach in the holistic health and wellness field, and conducts professional seminars and workshops in Canada and around the world. He gives in-depth presentations on his unique perspective on the warrior archetype, and shares his ideas on the many modern day applications of this ancient warrior philosophy for individual and societal empowerment. David is an avid adventurer and independent researcher, and runs his own podcast show called ‘Truth Warrior.’

David joins us for a discussion about the way of the warrior who incorporates the pursuit of truth while staying open to new information and mastering the art of personal refinement. He points to control of overall physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing as key to becoming a fully realized being in this often malevolent world, and this requiring serious discipline, flexibility and adaptability to perform at an optimal level. David talks about the importance of balanced exploration into the physical and spiritual dimensions of life, and he explains how martial arts is a practical, hands-on way to realize this equilibrium. We delve into victimhood and avoiding responsibility as means to give away personal power, and David illustrates the ways honing a warrior philosophy can help boost confidence and aid in personal growth. We also touch on the idea that being connected to one’s ancestors and roots and having a healthy understanding of the uniquely different cultures that comprise the human family is paramount in any fully functioning society. Further, we get into the disappearance of the hero archetype and the replacement of the ubermensch with the underdog as key indicators of a cultural decay. Also discussed is the proper use of violence, conveying a stature of confidence as a means of self-defense, and the importance of children being allowed to experience struggle in self-realization. We round things off by looking at the function of moral codes and living a disciplined life, and David gives some solid advice for taking up the study of martial arts.

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