Agenda 21


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from grindall61:

VIDEO: This whole issue with Trump to me is a non-issue. This is not the worst thing that Council member Kris Murray has done this month. Kris Murray participated in a meeting in Downtown LA that is going to facilitate taxing us out of our cars.Kris Murray sits on the SCAG regional council. SCAG is an unelected regional government that claims to have jurisdiction over the 6 counties of LA, Riverside, San Bernardino, Imperial, Orange, and Ventura. It’s voting board consists of locally elected officials however they are not elected to sit on SCAG.

At this meeting they voted on their Regional Transportation Plan. This is the plan right here.

SCAG themselves admits that their plan is going to cost half a trillion dollars. Half a trillion dollars. $544 billion to be exact.

On page 128 of this document it states that 120 Billion dollars of the half trillion is going to come from Vehicle Mileage Tax. Vehicle Mileage Tax is a box that will be put in your car that will track and tax you for every mile that you drive. This is in this document.

I went to the meeting with one other person and there was NO media present. Total media blackout. I am the only one who taped this meeting and it’s online. Hardly anybody even knows what SCAG is which means this was a secret meeting . If you are interested in watching the Southern California politburo operate in secret you can find the video on youtube. The video is titled: EXCLUSIVE: HALF TRILLION DOLLAR PLAN TO GET YOU OUT OF YOUR CAR PASSED IN SECRET. SCAG RTP/SCS.

Not only did Kris Murray vote for this plan but she seconded the motion on the final vote.

This business that I am talking about getting us out of our cars. I’m not making this up.

Last year the state attempted to pass SB350 which would cut gasoline sales in the state by 50% No gas means no cars.

Anaheim is one of California’s leaders in this attempt to restrict our mobility.

It’s the reason why they are building compact apartments everywhere because they are setting up a system where your job is in the same building that you live in which is why we are seeing apartments on top of business also known as mixed use.

It’s the reason why this city built that giant boondoggle off the freeway. That empty train station that nobody uses. You should go in there sometime. It’s quite embarrassing.

Expect Anaheim to completely fail as it goes along with the SCAG agenda of suppressing the citizens.