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from Josh Peck:

Timothy Alberino and Attacking False Deceptions with True Legends

Tonight we are joined by returning guest Timothy Alberino to talk about True Legends, possible psyops, conspiracies around the world, and the recent attack (premeditated or purely spiritual still undetermined) and attempt on his life and those of his family. Tim brings a unique perspective on preflood history as well and prophetic events unfolding currently. Without exaggerating, this is easily one of the most important interviews in TSR history and, once you watch it, you’ll see why. This is an episode you will not want to miss!

0:00 – Introduction
1:33 – Why Steve Quayle and True Legends?
3:00 – Nephilim Fatigue
7:47 – A Look into Episodes Two and Three, Specifically Rome
14:24 – David Flynn’s Research
16:33 – David Flynn vs. The Flat Earth Controversy
18:12 – Mars, NASA Deception, Psyops, and Alien Disclosure
23:55 – Floating Theories vs. The Gospel of Jesus Christ
28:15 – Discrediting Christians for Plans of the Elite (Stargates, Jump rooms, Secret Space Programs, Moon Bases, etc.)
35:23 – Explanation of Equipment Malfunction and Difficulties
37:10 – To Kill or Discredit?
41:15 – Recent Information about the Possible Murder Attempts on Timothy and the Alberino Family
47:33 – The Power of Christians in Unity Under Jesus Christ
55:19 – All Christians’ Involvements are Equally Important
1:06:57 – Importance of Children Understanding True Scripture
1:19:50 – Viewer Questions
1:20:58 – True Legends Episode 2 Information
1:26:56 – Future Episodes of True Legends
1:30:41 – Cain, Hybrids, Pre-Adamic Races, and Serpent Seed Theory
1:51:10 – The Different Judgments of the Serpent and Satan
1:58:19 – The Genetics of Cain Surviving the Flood
2:13:22 – Unexplained Fascinations in Timothy’s Travels
2:17:09 – Atlantis in the Bible and the Antichrist
2:31:36 – Timothy’s Future in Writing Books
2:36:01 – Dragons and Dinosaurs
2:40:20 – End of Viewer Questions
2:40:59 – Contact and Ordering Information
2:42:38 – Final Thoughts (Tim Alberino is Confused by Dinosaurs)
2:46:27 – Conclusion

Timothy Alberino – http://www.TrueLegendsTheSeries.com

Josh Peck – http://www.SharpeningReport.com

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