The LBMA Silver Fraud Fix Was Cartel’s ONE LAST SHOT to Grab PHYSICALl Silver!

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from SilverDoctors:

VIDEO: On a Week Which Saw Gold Explode For its Largest Gain in 16 Years & the Global Financial Markets on the Brink of Complete Contagion, Dave Kranzler Joined the Show to Break Down All of the Action:

1. Gold Explodes to $1263: Has the 3rd Leg in the Massive Secular Bull Market Begun?
2. LBMA Silver Fraud Fix Was the Cartel’s Last Gasp Silver Grab in 3. Desperate Effort to Avoid Default!
4. Lines Around the Block to Buy Gold – And This Financial Crisis Isn’t Even Underway!
5. “Insanely Cheap“: Kranzler Predicts Silver Will Be the TRADE OF THE DECADE
6. 200% Premiums? Kranzler Warns the Looming Shortage in Physical Silver Coins and Bars Will Be Massively Worse Than We Saw in 2015!