Fukushima Alarm SILENCED as Radioactive Plume Swept USA & Canada

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from MsMilkytheclown1:

VIDEO: US States Denied Critical Fukushima Info Given Harmless Viewpoints on 311 Fallouthttps://youtu.be/qSAnMvxVd6M
Here is my Plume-Gate PROOF Cover-up of Fukushima via the NRC Documents playlist:http://tinyurl.com/q7mmfcw

Liar, Liar: How NRC and other Agencies Present a United Front of Deception “ From the NRC FOIA documents: the NRC and other agencies withheld information (plume models etc.) from the U.S. states even though they made the claim that they “did not expect harmful levels of radiation”. Samples from U.S. nuclear power plant ‘rooftop grabs’ were logged into the NEI’s password protected database that only the ‘Federal Family’ has access to. If the plume, fallout and subsequent measurements were harmless, why is this information being hidden from us? From the NRC FOIA documents: this screencapture from the NRC FOIA documents show U.S. states (and other stakeholders) were denied the situation report for Fukushima (SITREP). If the disaster was insignificant, why is this information being withheld?

From the NRC FOIA documents: this email explains that there is one official plume model provided by the IAEA and everyone is to refer to that. Please note that in my article (included in this complete work) Seek and Destroy I show where the NRC Cyber Security Team had several leaked plume models pulled from online.

From the NRC FOIA documents Part 3: note the term consolidated input’. They want to be sure they are all giving the Ambassador the same story. Whatever the story was it was a much less alarming picture of reality, so much less alarming the Ambassador felt he needed to request a ‘pessimistic scenario’
From the NRC FOIA documents Part 1: the next screencapture is part 1 of a 3 part series. In this first segment there is a discussion taking place about information that has leaked and made its way to the Wall Street Journal. When Larry Camper says ‘It’s amazing how people know this staff and we can’t seem to get it’ he is referring to whoever leaked the information and the fact they should have known better. Sounds like the ‘staff’ does not have out best interest at heart…

Note the Ambassador is requesting a ‘pessimistic scenario’ and this request is forwarded up the chain of command to the White House for ‘alignment’ before being allowed. It looks as if they don’t want anyone speaking out of turn. In certain cases plume models and situation reports (SITREP) were denied to U.S. states, stakeholders outside the U.S.A (NPP owner/operators) and China. It is critical you understand ‘gaining alignment’ means prior approval of the task being requested (often modeling of the plume/fallout) or approval of information to be released and thus a unified voice as a result.
HatrickPenry https://www.youtube.com/user/HatrickP…
Full PDF PLUMEGATE http://tinyurl.com/jc9jydc

From the NRC FOIA documents: note that Ambassador Roos is getting info from DOE and AMS. In an upcoming screencapture you can see where the Ambassador was calling for a ’pessimistic scenario’. Were DOE and AMS pushing the ‘least-worst-case-model’? Also note the term ‘consolidated viewpoint’…it looks as if they don’t want different versions of what happened at Fukushima circulating around.

From the NRC FOIA documents: Roger Witherspoon and the Case of the Puzzling Press Release Part 2: Only Eliot “While we know more than what these say, we’re sticking to this story for now” Brenner can deflect the hard-nosed inquiries of Roger Witherspoon! NRC FOIA documents: American states were denied crucial information about the plume and fallout.
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Full PDF PLUMEGATE http://tinyurl.com/jc9jydc Something Wicked This Way Comes: the Story of Plume-Gate the World’s Largest Provable Cover-Up in PDF