Goodbye ‘Eye of the Hurricane,’ Hello 2016!

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from WallStForMainSt:

Welcome to Dystopia Episode 14

VIDEO: This is the first show of 2016! Let’s talk SHADOW BANKING.

During this show, Jason and Eric discuss and review briefly what happened in different markets in 2015 and Jason talks about the new report Wall St for Main St just released free to its email subscribers.

Eric says the derivatives market seems to have started to break in 2015 and this acceleration of asset price deflation should continue in 2016 perhaps leading to a 2008 or worse crash in markets.

Jason and Eric talk about emerging markets, base metals and oil collapsing in 2016 and how all 3 of these may be worse than the sub prime market. Eric thinks there’s over $7 trillion in debt from these entities combined that cannot be paid.

To wrap up the show, Jason and Eric preview what listeners can expect in 2016. Jason expects a lot more volatility and asset prices having a meaningful correction and/or crash.

Scumbag of the Week Nominees:
1) Hillary Clinton (again! DOH! (Homer Simpson voice))-…

2) CONgress and the politicians who didn’t vote in favor of auditing the Federal Reserve!…