Banking Thefts Lead To Boiling Point in Moldova — Global Revolution Near?

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by SGT, SGT Report:

The looting of nation states by corrupt insiders, oligarchs and international banks is now a global epidemic.

In the United States, our ownPentagon reports that it can’t account for more than $8.5 TRILLION.  That’s not the kind of cash you lose be misplacing your wallet. The people’s money is being systematically stolen.

But unlike in America where the populace seem more than willing to stand for all levels of corruption and theft, the boiling point is being reached in other nations around the globe.

In 2015 tens of thousands of protesters in Moldova took to the streets of the capital to demand the dissolution of the new government following corruption scandals.

As the Guardian reported,

Thousands protested in May after $1 BILLION – equivalent to one eighth of the country’s budget – disappeared from three banks through mysterious loans. The International Monetary Fund and World Bank stopped lending to Moldova after the incident, and the return of the $1 Billion remains a key demand of the current protests.

Streleț’s government has pledged to move the country toward EU membership and hold those responsible for the bank theft to account, but the opposition movement has accused it of not undertaking reforms in good faith. It also has blamed powerful oligarchs for wielding inordinate influence over the country’s economy and politics.

…”powerful oligarchs wielding inordinate influence over the country’s economy and politics.”  Sound familiar?

Unlike the American sheeple however, in Moldova when 1/8th of the nation’s GDP is looted by oligarchs and criminal international banks, the people take to the streets by the tens of thousands to demand recompense. Which leads us to earlier this week when according to RT, thousands of people took to the streets of Moldova’s capital, Chisinau, in anti-government protests demanding the dissolution of parliament and snap elections amid an ongoing political crisis.

According to police sources, more than 20,000 joined three different rallies that were organized by both the left Socialist Party of Moldova and the central-right Civic Platform DA.

The protesters chanted We are the people!” “Moldova!” “Elections!” “Victory!” “Off the dictatorship!” and “Rogues and thieves have five minutes to pack up!”

So the people of Moldova got the change they demanded, right? Not so fast.

Today it appears that “lawmakers” approved a “pro-EU politician” (think pro-IMF, pro-international banks) to the post of prime minister. And if you wonder what that means as interpreted by the people of Moldova, well their anger appears to be reaching the boiling point.

Can outright revolution be far off?

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