Morgellons or Mystery Parasites Grape Juice Test

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from John Graf:

VIDEO: We find this “test” disturbing to the degree that if it’s true, and these “fibers” are already inside of all of us, we would rather not even know. Better to hope we’re not already “infected” than to do the test and spend the next twenty years freaked out about it! Either way though, humanity appears to be pretty much screwed. ~ The Phaser

From the video description: This is how you can check yourself for parasites that I believe are brought on by the Chemical spraying in our skies. You can try this at home and see the results. I think we all have this so it. All you need is a white plate, grape juice and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Make sure to brush your teeth very well first. Then swish a small amount of grape juice or red wine around in your mouth for maybe 3 minutes. Then spit it onto the plate. Pour a little rubbing alcohol onto the saliva mixture and you will see the parasites wiggling and swimming around. I know 3 people who have tried it and all have the same results. I am no Doctor of even a scientist but just try this for yourself and come to your own conclusions.