KESHE’S FREE ENERGY: Daniel 8:25 & ‘Free Energy’ Scenario of the Antichrist?

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from FaceLikeTheSun:

VIDEO: Mehran Tavakoli Keshe has been making claims about a free energy system that everyone can build in their own homes. Several people have contacted me asking me about my opinion on the matter. It appears that Keshe claimed to be the coming Messiah, and warned that if the elite do not openly come forward with their free energy tech, then he would expose it by providing the schematics for free online. Well, aside from the fact that the impact this was making did not seem as powerful as first alleged, the more pressing issue is that, in my opinion, the topic of free energy in general has the potential to be part of the Daniel 8:25 scenario, where the Antichrist uses cunning craft, and a diplomatic approach to cause the world, not only to follow him, but for world powers who do not want this technology out in the open, to make war with him. Not making any dogmatic statements in this video, but do you think the free energy topic has a place in Bible Prophecy?

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