The Dollar, Financial Crisis, WW3 & Dead Bankers

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from V, via TheDollarVigilante:

VIDEO: Jeff is interviewed by VGuerilla, the Guerrilla Economist, ‘”V” is a “guerrilla economist” who has worked for some of the top commodity trading firms and investment banks. He also contributed to private think tanks that help create investment policy.’ Topics include: Jeff’s origins in Canada and the genesis of, some very good calls and predictions, where are the people awakening the most? USA has some of the most brainwashed and least free people in the world, expatriation to Mexico, Central and South America, The Shemitah cycles, religion vs spirituality, massive increase in debt since 2008, interest rate deadlock, impending market crash this fall, unprecedented economic situation, low supplies of physical gold and silver, Russia moving away from US dollar trade, potential for world war 3, massive explosions at strategic locations in China, massive dumping of US securities, attempts to hide US govt debt, the BRICS nations do not need the USA!