Hagee’s Horses Of The Apocalypse Debunked

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from Brother Nathanael:

VIDEO: Zionist false prophets like John Hagee are dangerous for obvious reasons.

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  1. Luke Harwood

    October 2, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    Hey Bros.
    Classic. Isn’t it amazing how Americans always prefer to worship over bloated LIARS than to reflect on/or search their own hearts for guidance on the simple truths you have revealed. More incredulous still is the fact that Hagee quotes the CIA’s report as Gospel, in the same sentence with scripture.
    The CIA. The organisation responsible for importing NAZI medical doctors into America to continue evil mind control experiments on U.S. citizens.
    The organisation responsible for facilitating the killing of the best president America ever had. The organisation behind torture “rendition” sites worldwide. For running the “drug trade” on-behalf of the Bush-Windsor-Rothschild-Rockefeller syndicate.
    Do they not look & listen to what he says and the way he delivers it???
    [Yes followers; bow down and worship him. Breath in the vapours exiting that pompous HORSES ARSE].

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