The TRUTH Behind I, Pet Goat II — EXPOSED

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from TestimonyOfThe2:

VIDEO: Discover the REAL STORY behind all the symbols. The story behind the image sequence is now FINALLY REVEALED. It is a story about the illuminati rejoicing, behind the scenes. The TRUE story, is that of Obama, propped up by the illuminati, as their antichrist, who is in fact on a merciless quest for total world domination. CERN is indeed prominent in the original video. But this investigative analysis of heliofant’s illuminati animation, is focused on the original story, that was given to the animation studio.

FAIR USE NOTICE: The digital animation images in this video are the property of and are being used according to fair use guidelines, for nonprofit educational purposes. The fair use notice is at the beginning of the video, and the website is on all the animation images in the video.

You can watch the original video by Heliofant at this link:

You can watch the NEW video with the TRANSCRIPT at this link:…

And yes, there are MANY, many different interpretations of the symbols and imagery presented in the original animation. But remember, this video focuses the viewer on THE STORY that is irrefutably behind the original symbol sequence. For example, one commenter, mentioned that the gender of the child soldier, was that of a female, because bare breasts are shown on that child, in their early developmental stages. Really? With all the female hormones in the global water supply, can you REALLY be sure, that young people with early breast formation are female? Is Michelle Obama female? Or is he a male, who takes female hormones? Now, do you see the problem, with focusing on the details, in the animation, while neglecting the illuminati boast, that is the actual story itself? Isn’t it ironic, that the child soldier, is more likely a symbol of the young Barry Soetoro, who was born in Africa; and his relationship with his African father. But for the purpose of the story line, that is too much of a distraction, from the most important aspect of that image sequence – and that is, the unwrapping of the bow on the gun, and the light of the eyes being extinguished. Many important editing decisions had to be made while discerning and writing the narration to this video. And I do understand how this video will in fact make most people so uncomfortable (as they can no longer hide from the current reality in which they are living), that they will prefer, to distract themselves with the task, of focussing on just about ANYTHING ELSE. The Truth isn’t comfortable. If it was, Jesus would have simply come down, from the Cross, and gotten on, with His day.

I recently received a comment from an individual who wanted to direct my attention to the bow, in the hair, of the space man in the original video. Indeed, the CIA have many “disinformation agents” whose job it is, to distract everyone, from what they are really doing, behind the scenes. And I have already held back many such comments, from the comment string under this video. I have held back comments from the people who HATE the story, but love, speculating, about absolutely nothing. The CIA disinfo agents, would gladly put out a few dozen videos, about the i pet goat animation – videos that focus the viewer on all the smokescreen symbols, that distract from the biggest and most scandalous illuminati boast – that is the storyline itself. The disinfo agents, want the viewer, to focus on “the tree”, and ignore “the forest”, so that the viewer can’t possibly see, the forest, for the trees. And that is one reason why the narration was left out of the original animation – so that the viewer could not POSSIBLY, know, what story was being told – the story of Obama’s rise as the historical fulfilment, of the enemy incarnate. The illuminati however, could use that animation, as a boasting tool, as they watched it at their meetings, and boasted amongst themselves, about how everyone, outside the illuminati, is so ignorant, and blind. Well THE PEOPLE ARE NOT SO IGNORANT AND BLIND NOW – now are they.

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