MK-ULTRA: Project Monarch & Government Mind Control

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from TheLipTV:

VIDEO:  with Ron Patton: MK-ULTRA, government mind control through Project Monarch, and ritual child abuse in secret military experiments is explored with Ron Patton. How targeted individuals struggle from government harassment, the possibility of breaking free from programming, and celebrity manipulation through split identities is discussed. Nazi connections to government mind control experiments, and the “biggest conspiracy of all” are illuminated in this uncensored Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.

Ron Patton is a conspiracy researcher, having written articles for Paranoia Magazine on CIA mind control (Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control), and, the historical and spiritual implications of the UFO/alien phenomenon (Demons in Alien’s Clothing). He published a newsletter from 1994-2000, Endure to the End, which exposed tangent movements and erroneous doctrines within contemporary Christianity. Ron also published a magazine in 2003 titled, Mkzine, an examination of coercive mind control, invasive human experimentation and other related abuses.
In 2005, Mr. Patton was featured in a controversial film documentary titled, XXXExpose, about horrific incidents of abuse and torture of women in a BDSM porn cult. He provided vital information in showing how the leader was using coercive mind control techniques, similar to those used in the CIA’s MKULTRA behavior modification program from the 1950′s to 1970′s. In October 2010, Ron was invited as a panel member at the Child Advocacy Summit on Mind Control and Ritual Abuse in Ogden, UT. From 2005-2011, Patton produced Conspirazine, a conspiracy show played on community access radio stations in Olympia, WA.
Ron has been a guest on numerous radio shows and podcasts.
In 2012, Patton purchased Paranoia magazine and revived it from dormancy with it’s first hard copy magazine in several years. Additionally, Ron started the first annual Paranoia Con in July 2013.

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