Has The Long Lost “NAZI GOLD TRAIN” Been Found?

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Is This Where The Long Lost Nazi “GOLD TRAIN” Is Located?

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Earlier this week, two people, a Pole and a German, said they may have found the legendary, long-lost Nazi train rumored to be full of gold, gems and guns, i.e., the prize possessions of years of Third Reich plunder, that disappeared just before the end of World War Two. As BBC first reported, the train was believed to have gone missing near what is now the Polish city of Wroclaw as Soviet forces approached in 1945.

It is said, the Mail adds, that Nazis loaded all the valuables they had looted in Wroclaw, then called Breslau and part of Greater Germany, to escape the advancing Red Army. According to a local website, the train was 150m long and may have up to 300 tonnes of gold as well as unknown “hazardous materials” on board.

A law firm in south-west Poland says it has been contacted by the two men who have discovered the armored train: their demand to unveil the precise whereabout of their discovery: 10% of the value of the train’s contents. Since the contents of the train has been said to be in the billions, such an agreement would make the two discoverers rich overnight.

The two men who claim to have found the long lost gold train

According to local news websites the apparent find matched reports in local folklore of a train carrying gold and gems that went missing at the end of World War Two near the gothic Ksiaz castle, which served as the Nazi’s headquarters in the area during World War II. The claim was made to a law office in Walbrzych, 3km (2 miles) from Ksiaz castle.

Ksiaz castle, Nazi headquarters during World War II

Some of the locals are skeptical, perhaps because all previous searches for the train had so far proved fruitless: Walbrzych’s local leader Roman Szelemej said he doubted the supposed find but would monitor developments. “Lawyers, the army, the police and the fire brigade are dealing with this,” Marika Tokarska, an official at the Walbrzych district council, told Reuters.

Still this time may be different: Joanna Lamparska, a historian who focuses on the Walbrzych area, told Radio Wroclaw the train was rumored to have disappeared into a tunnel. “The area has never been excavated before and we don’t know what we might find.”

At this point the story turns bizarre, because the latest discovery – if it is indeed that – may not be genuine: according to the Mail, a group calling itself The Silesian Research Group insists that it in fact found the legendary train here over two years ago.  The group claims the  duo who made the news this week by filing the discovery claim with local authorities pilfered their information.

There is a second group of treasure hunters who claim to have found the train.
Andzrej Boczek, one of the members, showed MailOnline where he believes it to be hidden 

One group member, who asked not to be identified after receiving threatening phone calls from a ‘mysterious man,’ told MailOnline: ‘About two or three years ago we carried out extensive research of the area using geo-radar and magnetic readings. We came across an anomaly about 70 metres below the surface and further investigation revealed this was most likely a train.

‘It is well-known that the Nazis built a network of railway lines under the mountains.

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