The Pope Francis USA Visit and the Orion’s Belt Observation

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from MrCati:

VIDEO: This video report and conspiratorial discussion will address the special five sided ritualized geographical area, that is comprised of Earth Grid Ley Lines, that Washington, DC is located within. It is that special five sided ritual area, and the District of Columbia, that has once again allowed me to see an important observation, that I am calling the Orion’s Belt Observation.

This latest observation has allowed me to identify that NYC is the key city to watch, for the 9-23 false flag event, in part, due to the fact that the Orion’s Observation has allowed me to see how the financial economy could be false flagged in such a way as to destroy Wall Street and our system of financial levers, while at the same time, covering up the financial crimes, that have been committed by those in the financial world.

Understanding why NYC would be ground zero for such an attack is why I am discussing the matter in this video report. It was the Orion’s Belt Observation that allowed me to see that this matter is related to many ongoing Pope Francis and Obama conspiracies and other conspiracy matters that I have already reported on, or which I am following.

Your Patience is asked for and appreciated. Thank you for watching and considering such material.


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