WARNING: Greece Will Happen HERE in the U.S.

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from SilverDoctors:

Bill Holter joins The Doc for an Exclusive Update on the Greek Crisis, and the Potential for a Full Derivatives CONTAGION, Discussing:

1. Greek problem is not $3 billion, its $3 TRILLION IN DERIVATIVES- Will ISDA Allow Default?
2. Greek default WAS NOT PRICED IN- Why a MASSIVE LIQUIDITY EVENT has been triggered!
3. End Game for Greek Depositors- Are the Depositor Haircuts and Bail-ins Imminent?
4. Bill Warns: Greece Is Going to Happen Here- The Credit System is Going to Collapse!
5. Gold Will Get Your Wealth into the Next System After a Reset Occurs
6. JPM Corners the Commodities Derivatives Market Adding $3 TRILLION
7. COMEX Will Go Force Majeure Allowing JPM to Unwind Massive Short Position

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