The Sinister EU Plot to Assassinate Greek Sovereignty

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from The Wealth Watchman:

In a week where “glitches” froze all Dow Jones securities trading for roughly 2/3 of an entire trading day, and Beijing pointlessly kept clamping down on anyone suddenly wishing to extricate their capital from perhaps the most short-term, over-bought stock market index on the planet…things in Greece have continued to go from bad, to worse, to horrifying.

Recently I warned that the time of “peaceful days”, without threatening incidents to global financial health, were behind us.  What’s going on at the Euro Summit now, is further proof that the bankster assassins of national sovereignty are hell-bent on making an example out of the Greek people.

It is now becoming clear that Varoufakis, having accomplished his personal mission of helping Greece default within the Eurozone, was also a man who knew to get out while the getting was good!  Consider just the newest headline this morning, and instantly comprehend the rage of the Greek people…

“Deal Struck Following Total Capitulation By Tsipras: Market Awaits Greek Reaction To Draconian Deal Terms”


Does anyone honestly believe that Greece, who just told the Troika, “hell no”, to more bailouts and austerity, is going to honestly approve of a deal that says they must(among other things):

1) Change their VAT policy

2) Drastically cut their pension system

3) Crank up more austerity cuts

4) Let the banksters control their utility companies, and

5) Allow the Troika to come back and tell their nation how to micro-manage their finances?

Don’t believe me?  Brothers, just feast your eyes on this Euro Summit snippet from Fabrizio Goria, which summarizes a key component of the proposed “Greek Fund” plan.  Read it slowly…

Glitch 3

That, my friends, is a direct negation of everything that Greeks have said they wanted. Greece has said no to this stuff twice: first by electing Syriza, and then, in much greater numbers, in their July 5th referendum. 

It requires that any actual assets left, are to be forfeited.

It requires remaining Greek capital be placed under German control, and sink beneath the escrow waves.

It requires that their financial future be wasted on an empty-shell of a banking system.

It requires, in short, that Greece truly become a vassal state.  A province.

“Well, Watchman, yes it’s demeaning, but if it would actually relieve Greek suffering, and mark the end of this humiliating process, why shouldn’t they jump at it?!”

Ah brothers, that’s the catch…

These are just the initial demands of Germany and Brussels! They’ve made it very clear at the Euro Summit, that this first pound of flesh is only the beginning.  Read em’ and weep(via Mr. Goria):

Glitch 4

So, Greece must lay down their arms, their dignity, and their sovereignty…just for the CHANCE to receive a harsher, more “comprehensive assessment” after the summer.  Who wouldn’t jump at that, right?

Read on though, it gets even better…

Glitch 5

Yes, this non-solution is totally and completely fragile and conditional.  Furthermore, if they implement all these things, the extra 2 billion in ELA funds the Greeks would receive would hardly scratch the paint!  The capital control limit of only being able to withdraw 60 Euros a day would stay in place.

The Greek banking system would likely burn through this 10 to 15 billion Euro cushion within weeks…and then what?  Come September, what happens then?

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