Why the Iron-Fisted Tactics of the EU Will Help Bring Its Downfall

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from The Wealth Watchman:


Brussels has Always Acted this Way

As the Greek “deal” continues to flounder, and the IMF itself tells the world how untenable the entire package is, it’s not simply the bankster plan for Greece that seems to be hitting a snag.  Indeed, now that it’s been made public that EU creditors have stated “there is no point in holding elections”, many folks are up in arms.  The most interesting thing about the whole Greek affair, is watching peoples’ reactions to the EU’s response to the Greek vote.  Many in Europe seem caught off guard by the heavy-handed nature of Berlin and Brussels, and I submit that those folks weren’t paying very close attention to the true nature of this political entity.

This talk of nations not having a say in the EU because they’re currently debtor nations, or under bailouts, is absolute nonsense.  The fact of the matter is this: the member states of the EU have never had a say, whatsoever!  I intend to show in the lines to follow that this act of ignoring what the Greek people is just the latest, most flagrant episode in a long train of technocratic abuses.

The idea that it’s simply that bailed-out nations don’t have any sovereignty within the EU is laughable.  It has nothing to do with the debt or the fact that Greece has been bailed out, the ugly truth is this: the EU has never honored the wills of its member states when they’ve said “No”, to whatever the Brussels agenda happened to be, and I intend to prove that in the lines to follow.

Vote if You Like, but The Plan Goes On

It was 2005, and the Eurocrats of the fledgling EU were keenly trying to consolidate their gains from years past.  They didn’t simply want a currency or economic union, it wasn’t merely about that: they wanted a political union, and the manner in which they intended to accomplish that was to push a “European Constitution”, for all member states to share.

Having drawn up a constitution, they put it to a vote for the peoples of Europe, and decided to launch the kickoff in Spain.  At first it appeared that the new EU Constitution might sail through in relative ease, as the Spanish people widely approved that constitution, with over 80% of voters agreeing to ratify it.

However, things suddenly took a turn for the worse, as the next country, France, put the constitution to a ballot.  Immediately, there was trouble on the horizon.  From the far left, to the far right, the French weren’t simply skeptical about the entire treaty, they were skeptical about the process of ratification, and even the idea of a political union itself.

The French, still wary of the last time someone tried to unite Europe in the 1940’s, showed a great distrust for the entire experiment, and showed it at the polls.  In an unmistakable act of defiance, the French people rejected the new EU constitution by a vote of roughly 55% to 45%, sending the Eurocrats into hysteria.  After all, how could such a vital project gain momentum if just the 2nd country voting on it had soundly defeated it?

iron fist 4

While the technocrats cried out that all of Europe was doomed, that the vote would “set France back” among her peers, and that the EU project would be halted for 10 years….the plan still rolled on. However, the banksters in Brussels and Berlin were soon to be dealt another stinging embarrassment…

The Next Country to Say No

For the next EU member was about to nix the Constitution via their referendum as well.  This time the gallant act was carried out by none other than the Dutch.  In the first referendum of its kind held in the Netherlands in over 2 centuries, the Dutch people told the EU Commission and States-General, exactly what they thought about this new European constitution.

The question on the ballot was incredibly straightforward:

“Are you in favour of or against approval by the Netherlands of the treaty establishing a constitution for Europe?”

This time, fresh off the heroic rejection by France, the nationalists and Eurosceptics of the Dutch people were emboldened, and cut down the ratification by an even larger margin, as nearly 2/3 of their populace told Brussels where to stick it.

iron fist 5


Once again, the banksters and career politicians in Brussels assured everyone that the sky was truly caving in, and that Europe as they’d known it could soon break out in war(yes, some actually said this), and that the noble countries of Europe would soon revert back to caveman times.

Even though these referendums were ‘non-binding’ to the EU government, the rejection was so humiliating for those masterminding the EU project, that soon thereafter, the remaining countries who’d promised referendums decided to cancel them indefinitely!

Now brothers, surely you’d think that these back-to-back smackdowns of the EU constitution would’ve put the kibosh on the whole notion of a “more perfect” EU political union, right?


After all, when secret bankster plans, in preparation for decades, are on the line….those banksters can hardly allow pesky things like “consent of the governed” to obstruct the consolidation of power into the hands of the very few, can they?  They were bound and determined to ensure that this slow-moving steamroller called the EU, continued on, without veering, to crush the sovereignty of its member states forever…and in their next move, they showed their true colors for the world to see…

iron fist 3

Treaty of Lisbon

You must understand this about our opponents: technocrats and banksters never, ever give up.  They simply go back to their caves, and try a different approach later, and what’s precisely what the banksters’ next move was…

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