Jim Willie: Derivatives accidents, QE $1Trillion per quarter, Petrodollar dismantling..

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from Paul Sandhu: 

Join me for another great interview with Dr. Jim Willie in Costa Rica. Topics covered:

• Deutsche bank CEOs get the boot? Surely something big behind it?..- stench indicates a serious derivative accident, now out of control
• Chinese Yuan is to be part of IMF Special Drawing Rights / – IMF SDR decision to include Chinese RMB is a pure Trojan Horse – next comes seeding global banks with RMB Bonds
• 2) USTreasury Bond market volume dangerously low.
• What lies ahead for US Treasury Bonds?
• Is large scale USTBond dumping ahead?
• 3) USFed is using Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Cayman Islands, and Switzerland to export QE.
• Call them the BLICS, in contrast to the BRICS. What is the role of the BLICS in cahoots?
• Could the QE volume in total be possibly over $1 trillion per quarter?
• How is the Greek situation playing out? Is an economic upheaval across the world unavoidable
• If (when) they default/leave the European Union?