Financial Devastation Doesn’t Have to Bring YOU Down

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from The Janssen Report:


There is a plethora of ‘truth’ reporting out there, discussing every aspect of what’s wrong with the financial system. Considering the sheer magnitude of critical observations, one might be inclined to dismiss it as ‘fear mongering’. Indeed, it seems some are in it for the scare.

However, I do think we need to know the truth about the lifeline of our modern society: money and how it is manipulated and even abused.

But there should be a counterpart: what can we do with all this knowledge?
What can you do besides educating yourself? There are many ways you can take action on a personal, local, national or even international level. So let’s get into that as well. In that sense I consider myself an optimist: there’s always something we can do. We are powerful as individuals if only we take action.

Although still many people sit on the fence, I do see an enormous wave of initiatives all over the world.

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