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from Humanity Awakens.us:

Per Fulford in an interview with David Wilcock in 2009, there are three main factions vying for ‘control’ of China:

“Then in Asia, I think China, I believe, there are basically three factions. There is the Chinese Communist Party; there is the Shin Emperor – in other words, the last Emperor, who supposedly died as a gardener, was not the last Emperor. The grandson is now the Emperor and he controls an awful lot of gold and money.

Then there’s a faction in Taiwan that wants to restore the Ming Dynasty. A lot of them have been bribed by the Federal Reserve Board and this is the Ming that Christopher Story refers to.”

Over the past 5+ years, the situation has been clarified a bit.  My understanding from various sources is that these can geographically be represented as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China…but this is a gross oversimplification (it’s also a bit different than Fulford has described back then).

Taiwan can be seen as the ‘base’ of the Chinese Elders…i.e. the Dragon Family.  These people go WAY, WAY, WAY back…allegedly even to off-planet civilizations and conflicts (not going there at this time).  Chiang Kai-Shek (spelling?) was the last leader of China with significant ties to them, and they have been in the background for a many years.  Jim Willie says, these people take their time making decisions.  But a change in leadership in 2015 will allow them to take a decisive role in removing the Cabal from power within the next few years.

Hong Kong can be seen as representing the “Capitalists”…it appears to be the base of operations for the Banksters at present.  These people are at the height of their power now – which has been increasing since Deng Xiaoping took over from Chairman Mao in the late 1970’s (see link to Henry Makow’s website below).

Lastly, the Communists…they are officially “in charge”, but their power has declined behind the scenes over the last 40 years since the death of Mao Tse Tung.  They are being quietly but systematically removed from power; my suspicion is that most of those who are being arrested on corruption charges recently are related to this faction, but likely some are Capitalists as well.

Further complicating things is the influence of the Jesuits, Rothschilds, and Rockefellers within the country and how they have been playing all three factions in an effort to gain superiority within the Cabal’s power structure.  This started after a key event in the 15th century which has been largely ignored or forgotten:


If this event is indeed described accurately, this would explain why the Jesuits’ influence goes way back…because the powers controlling the Vatican saw the threat that Chinese culture and technology represented to their control over Europe:



The Rothschilds’ influence came later via “The Opium Wars”:


Boxer Rebellion was an attempt to throw out the Jesuits & Rothschilds:


Remember – the Rothschilds are essentially ‘private bankers’ for the Vatican’s wealth.  Read Chapter 17 of the following PDF (specifically P. 183 of PDF; P. 160 of the book):


However, the Cabal strengthened their grip over China over the rest of the 20th century:


The history within these links should more clearly lay out the agendas of the factions, as well as the obvious blurring of the lines regarding “Who is working with whom”.      A Long-Time Reader


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