Porky Shells E. Ukraine- World Nominates Him For Nobel Peace Prize and looks @ Football.

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A compilation of videos and pictures over the last few days: 


Graham Phillips: Destruction in Gorlovka (Drone Journalism #1)

Graham Phillips: ‘They (the Ukrainian military) are Shelling Civilian Areas’ (Drone Journalism 2)

An incredibly sad story from Gorlovka, Anna is 31, she was married with 3 children, lived in a nice home with a big garden she’d built up with her beloved husband Yury, 36. Loved her husband and family.

Ukrainian shelling struck her home on May 26th. Her daughter Katya, who had a birthday the week before, ‘just like an angel’ was killed, her husband was killed, her son can’t see. Anna had her left arm blown off. She’s not seen her 10-day old baby Milana since, however she is reported as ok.

Anna’s just a wonderful person, so nice and kind. Just after re-animation she wanted to speak to me, at length, while in clear pain, physical and emotional.

Honestly, it’s heartbreaking. Thanks to the donations to Just Giving, I was able to give Anna 15,000 roubles – near to 200 pounds. It means she will have flowers every day, her favourite food. At least it’s something. But, honestly, I, as you, feel a deep pain in my heart.

We sit in lounges etc, Anna lies in pain, alone, in a hospital bed, crying for those she loved, those killed when the Ukrainians decided to shell civilian homes in Gorlovka.