Jim Willie: China Planning Trojan Horse

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from WallStForMainSt: 

During this hour+ long interview, Jason asks Jim about major topics including:

1) Why are the banks and politicians moving things towards a cashless society?
2) Why don’t Keynesian economists consider asset prices going up a lot as evidence of inflation?
3) China QE coming and China Gold Reserves update- Will China announce a public update to its gold reserves in the next 12 months to join the SDR basket? Does China plan to take apart the IMF from the inside out by joining the SDR while it builds the AIIB?
4) Is there a global currency war or are governments & central banks coordinating things and taking turns with QE to devalue currency and prop up markets?
5)George Soros says WWIII is coming soon between the US and China. Do you agree with him?
6)Hillary Clinton scandals- Why do political elites like her get mostly a free pass from the mainstream media, justice department, etc?
7)New Technology- Is it causing massive amounts of damage to the global economy while also stripping us of all our privacy and civil liberties?

For answers to these questions and other interesting topics please listen to the interview!

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