Cabal Control of Eurasia? – Unlikely.

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by Katherine Frisk, The Phaser.com:

China and Russia are not playing games. After 100 years of being controlled and manipulated by the West, in China’s case a lot longer, and they know it and have all the evidence they need, they are … understatement, angry.

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China and Russia have been quietly planning strategies, most of which still remain hidden and will be, until IF and WHEN they MIGHT be needed.

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We carry on about Cabal control and presume that the Cabal octopus of Vatican, City of London, D.C. and all the Rothschilds and Rockefellers that go with it, control both China and Russia. There is a perverted sense of security in such beliefs. Better the devil you know… or as the USA once said of Saddam, at least he was “our” monster while he murdered Iranians, until he went rogue and then they took him out.

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China and Russia have long since moved on from the infantile control of the Illuminati and the Jesuits who have manipulated the world in the last 1,000 years. China and Russia are looking towards a very different future.

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It anyone threatens their plans, both countries now have the ability and the means to take them out. It is a case of play nice, play fair. But if you don’t, we will hit you back in no uncertain terms and you will not see it coming.

If I then look West, to the USA, this is what I see. Hysterical preparations in case such a situation arises and they do get a bloody nose.

Sandy Hook
Boston Bombing
Jade Helm
and all the “drills” false flags and fake cyber attacks etc, etc, and always the fear porn.

Washington D.C. is now trapped in it’s own corner, and nobody trusts anyone there. Nobody knows if at any minute some madman of their own ( like Adelsson or McCain) is going to push the button, either in a financial sense or in a military sense, in which case, all hell will break loose.Such an incident need not come from within the USA itself, but from any number of regions. Israel bombing Iran. Kiev bombing Eastern Ukraine. ISIL using a nuke in Syria… even Pakistan which has nuclear capabilities going rogue for reasons of it’s own, in Kashmir for example. Or Japan returning to a military state, in D.C’s pocket and launching an attack, yet again via Jesuit direction as they did before, against Korea or China in pursuit of what they have always stolen. Gold.

He who has the Gold makes the rules.